Evolution of a “fraghead” !

Evolution of a “fraghead” !

A “fraghead” a.k.a fragrance-head, is an individual who takes a keen interest in perfumes and thinks of it as more than a hobby almost verging, obsession. In simple words, a perfume enthusiast is one who loves to inquire, read, discuss about perfumes in detail. Whether they think of perfumery as an art or simply think about perfumes as invisible weapons of attraction is a different story. The common DNA definitely is of someone deeply in love with fragrances.

And the evolution of a fraghead makes for a very interesting topic for study. For me, just like many others of my breed, the journey starts with an innocent attraction towards pleasing aromas. Its not the sight but the smell of perfumes which impresses us first. The sharp musky aromas of aftershaves, the sweet powdery smell of makeups etc. Then comes a stage where we get attracted to the design of the bottles and that’s where the lure of marketing comes into play corrupting that innocence making us gullible to sexual declarations of semi-clad models/artists in perfume ads turning that innocent attraction into a daily social need.

However, this animal, the frag-head soon discovers, that there’s more to the matters of the nose. Its chasing smells. Smell of good food, flowers, hotel rooms, burning cigarettes and the smell of someone special in their lives. And this chain reaction definitely puts them on the top of the fragrance chain. They soon start to look for unique aromas. And it opens up a whole new world – Perfume NOTES !

Curiosity – the necessary evil – starts to take over the life of a fraghead. They start questioning their perfumes. The mere Market Promise is not enough to satisfy their needs. They want more. Sifting through perfume notes/accords, going through a huge load of essential oils and natural aromas, reading perfume blogs to watching animated perfume reviews on social platforms like YouTube. A fraghead soon enters the Matrix of the perfume world – one which has always existed but never clashed with their existence. And this starts the chain reaction.

Some go even beyond with their passions, they become bloggers/independent reviewers/sellers and even Perfumers. And here I am telling you the story of my evolution. And my journey has been one hell of a ride. Curiosity is the keyword and it is taking me places.